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Split Watching Tv

  1. 3 Marketing Myths On TV Vs Online Video Usage [U.S. Study]

    It calls for two separate senses (hearing and sight), whereas TV plus video requires to split both senses and direct them to two distinct sources. However, as Howard Shimmel, Senior Vice President, Client Insights revealed at Nielsen's Consumer 360...

  2. Search Olympics: Google and Bing Battle It Out Despite NBC Withholding Content

    This is not lost on search engines and who would very much like your split attention to be spent with them. It's no secret that people are increasingly multi-tasking their entertainment, firing up the laptop to access the Internet while watching TV.

  3. SearchDay: Social Media = Society's Watchdog

    A/B Split Tests While Starting a New CampaignPosted by crocwatcherAny thoughts on the timing of running A/B split tests with a new campaign. Should I be concerned about one of my split test pages being too short (long form vs.short form landing...