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Split Multivariate Testing

  1. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    Multivariate Testing (MVT): Cutroni likes to compare MVT to using a scalpel – it's an opportunity to really fine-tune the pages and the content on your site once you start testing. A 4 Step Multivariate Testing Process That Works

  2. Coherency in Landing Page Testing

    Unfortunately, if you're running a typical multivariate test, the new elements will be mixed and matched at random with other elements that were part of your original design. It's clear to most Internet surfers within a split second of clicking on...

  3. Testing Landing Pages with the Taguchi Method? Think Again!

    There are two common mathematical approaches in the world of landing page testing: A-B split testing, and parametric multivariate testing. So making this statement when I recently spoke on the multivariate testing panel at eMetrics in San Francisco...

  4. Taguchi Sucks for Landing Page Testing

    In the world of landing page testing there are two common mathematical approaches: A-B Split testing, and parametric Multivariate testing. I recently spoke on the multivariate testing panel at eMetrics in San Francisco.

  5. Google Website Optimizer Tool is Out of Beta!

    GWO is a free tool for running A-B split and multivariate landing page tests. Easier Multivariate test setup - Based on user feedback, Google has improved the setup flow for multivariate experiments, with more straightforward tagging instructions...

  6. Life after SERP: A/B Split and Multivariate Testing

    A/B testing and/or multivariate testing is one of the best ways to improve results for your Web site. There is also a version of multivariate testing that will take eight variables and then use a combination of the variables resulting in less than...

  7. Data Segmentation: Web Site Analytics for PPC

    A/B split tests and multivariate testing enable more sophisticated customer segmentation and merchandising. Slicing and dicing visitor data provides greater visibility into their behavior patterns. Armed with this knowledge, you can modify Web site...

  8. Split Traffic, Raise Conversion Rates, Repeat, Multiply

    Multivariate Testing As you might predict, multivariate or multi-variable testing tests many different variables simultaneously. One technology and professional services company, SiteTuners, has developed TuningEngine software that executes complex...