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  1. Google Testing SearchWiki For Adwords

    The discussion of the situation on Sphinn is amusing to say the least. Search Engine Roundtable and Webmaster World have started a discussion of Google's testing of a SearchWiki for Adwords. The addition would give users the ability to push certain...

  2. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 1

    Social news: Sites like Digg, Sphinn, Newsvine, and BallHype let you read about news topics and then vote and/or comment on the articles. When people hear about social media marketing, many tend to think about popular social media sites like...

  3. Leveraging Social Media to Educate

    If you read a compelling post that interests you and you want to share it with others, you might Digg it or Sphinn it. So you've got a business or are part of an organization and you want to know what's all the hype about social media?

  4. SEO Educational Standards: the Aftermath

    I received many responses in the form of feedback, e-mails and thoughts posted on Sphinn. In our last two installments, I raised the question whether we should concern ourselves with, focus on, or even want SEO standards.

  5. What is Valid Link Bait?

    As some of you who have read the Sphinn threads may know, I was on Lyndon's side, in that this was great content to generate buzz, they admitted it was fake, and added that content to the story. Obviously, this was an extreme example, but the...

  6. Advancing your Search Education in SEO Forums

    Sphinn Sphinn is the "Internet Marketing News & Discussion Forums" site that, again, tackles all aspects of SEM, such as the individual engines, social marketing, and optimization. Sphinn's take on organization for these forums is to focus on what...

  7. SEO Standards Signal the Maturing of Our Industry

    Jill argues at Sphinn that there can't be definitions because we would never agree on them. In the same Sphinn discussion, Jill wrote, "I am not aware of there being marketing regulations. When I suggested that we consider setting standards for the...

  8. SEM Vendor Checklist

    SEW, Sphinn, Cre8asite, High Rankings, etc. Common disasters include set-it-and-forget-it pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that suddenly blow through obscene amounts of Content Match cash, organic prominence destroyed by Universal Search, PageRank...