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  1. 4 Tools and Tips That Will Help You Be a More Analytical Marketer

    These behavior patterns may include things like a user downloading an e-book, spending several minutes on your services pages, or watching more than 75 percent of a particular video on your website. As digital marketers we’re far past the point of...

  2. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    Disclaimer: It is a good idea to at least get guidance from an expert in paid visibility strategies or you could wind up spending a lot of money for nothing. As long as Google doesn’t release an update or manually devalue your site, it is the time...

  3. Panda Has a Smartphone – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

    But by spending so much time analyzing their websites via a desktop computer, they might be missing an extremely important segment of their traffic that’s growing every single day – MOBILE. When companies are hit by Panda and see a huge drop in...

  4. 3 Ways to Dig Deeper for Bigger Paid Search Success

    As you can see, the cost per conversion for like spending states can vary by 60 percent! I took the data across our client set for the top 10 spending states (the blue dots each represent a state). Last week I had the chance to have lunch with some...

  5. Retailers Outspend Luxury Brands on Luxury Keywords in Paid Search [Report]

    Below is a breakdown of the investment in U.S.paid search spending for luxury apparel. The gap was not so significant between retailers with Neiman Marcus spending $480,000 in position number one and The Luxury Closet spending $135,000 for 2013.

  6. 5 Takeaways From the World Cup for Global Search Marketers

    Social spending, for example, on World Cup-related campaigns rose to the half-million to multimillion dollar range, according to SocialCode, a digital marketing firm that specializes in helping large advertisers put together social media campaigns.

  7. New Google Mobile Alert: Websites Using Flash May Not Work on Your Device

    People are spending more time accessing information from their smartphones than they are their desktops. Here's a scenario for you. You're watching television and see the most hilarious commercial about a singing cat (or something else ridiculously...