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  1. More Localized Google Suggest and Improved Spell Correction for Names

    Although Google has offered corrected spellings for mistyped searches for years with the "Did you mean" link, it recently made some big strides in correcting misspelled names. Names can be complicated and often there are multiple common spellings.

  2. How Language Affects the Long Tail

    How Correct are the Spellings? To put that numerically, more than half a million searches per month are driven by incorrect spellings. Sometimes Spellings are Optional For instance, Japanese can sometimes have as many as three or four different...

  3. New Search Patent Applications: June 5, 2006 - Taking Care of Web Decay, Dead Links, and Parked Domains

    A search engine process predicts the correct spellings of search terms within multiple-term search queries. Microsoft marries email and search to provide a way store and track queries, and also introduces a method of calculating similarity between...

  4. SEO Book's Aaron Wall Sued By Traffic-Power Over Revealing "Trade Secrets"

    I've made light edits to clean up some spellings and grammatical errors in both the questions sent and answers received, produced by the informal nature of email: Back in June, I heard from Aaron Wall of the SEO Book blog.

  5. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    U.S.vs Rest of The World Spelling High Rankings Forum all other things being equal, to what degree do the various search engines understand the different spellings of common words - and how does it affect search results and ranking?