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Specific Intent

  1. 4 Keyword Strategies for Squeezing Performance From Broad Match

    Tip 2: Use Broad Match Modified to Refine by Intent, Brand, or Key Product Attributes But this can be extended to other searchers looking to "buy" or a specific feature like "LED backlit" screens – this will make sure you're serving a great ad copy...

  2. New BloomReach Tool SNAP Personalizes Site Search, Navigation for Shoppers

    SNAP builds on the company’s web relevance engine (its "smart" machine that understands intent and delivers custom results within a site). If site experience – search, navigation and personalization – relies on tagging, rules and a collection of...

  3. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    Her intent was to inform an audience, not to get links or get PageRank. If you're doing really high-quality guest blogging to get exposure or branding, that's great, but the majority of guest blogging offers these days are sliding into scuzzier and...

  4. Future of Paid Search: Think Target Audiences, Not Just Keywords

    We all know about the intent-based wonders of marketing on search. We can't target an individual person on search, we can target a group of people who share a common characteristic: they've typed in a specific term (or offshoot/variant of that term).

  5. Mobile SEO: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Brand's Content is Optimized

    Understanding searcher behavior by channel, intent by geography, and engagement by content asset throughout the buying cycle is key to a brand's web presence reputation. These metrics include page-specific backlinks, social signals, and conversions.

  6. Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Isn't for the Birds

    Where (Place: User is located) can I buy (Intent: Purchase) a Larry Bird (Person: basketball player) shirt (Product: [via Association of Product to Player to Team] Boston Celtics shirt #33) By using prior search data along with "big data," – other...