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  1. Daily SearchCast, May 11, 2006: Google Trends For Researching What's Hot & What's Not; Google Co-op, Google's Big Time Tagging Experiment; Complaints Over Commission Cuts & More!

    Day -- but no, it's not Google Health. Google said it would have a health-related announcement at today's Google Press Yes, health information is one of the new features -- but this is more than Google Health.

  2. Do You Kebberfegg?

    Google Health: Probably coming next week. Microsoft takes on Google with targeted ads. Microsoft mulled Yahoo pact to fight Google - WSJ. Is Google Invading Your Privacy? Ballmer Cites Google As A Reason For Microsoft's Spending Spree.

  3. Google Real Estate? It's Google Base Again, Google's Vertical Play

    Vertical search is the idea that you'll look at only one segment of that interest spectrum, a vertical slice, a focus just on health -- or cars -- or news, etc. These specialized services, standalone sites -- like Google's shopping search engine...