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Speaking Openings

  1. SES San Jose Speaking Openings Posted

    UPDATE: All speaking openings have been filled for SES San Jose. I've posted a list of sessions with openings at the SES San Jose 2007 conference. The openings are listed about midway down this post of guidelines—please read the guidelines before...

  2. SES London 2007 Speaker Openings Posted

    Update: All speaking sessions for SES London 2007 have been filled. Interested in speaking? Here's everything you need to know! Read all the information, and you'll greatly increase the chances of being selected.

  3. SES Chicago 2006 Speaking Openings Posted

    I've now contacted all my short list speakers for SES Chicago and know what session openings I have left. These are now posted here. Those are the only sessions I have available. Please, I beg, don't email me about sessions that aren't listed.

  4. SES Local Edition Speaker Openings

    Read on to see which panels have openings and for the guidelines you should use when pitching me for speaking on a panel. Update: All speaking openings for SES Local Edition have now been filled. Interested in speaking at our first SES Local...

  5. SES London 2006 Speaking Openings Posted

    I've posted the openings for speaking slots at SES London. For some of these panels, only one or two positions is available, so if you're interested in speaking, please check out the openings and contact me as soon as possible with a pitch.

  6. London SES Agenda Now Online

    Please read it carefully before pitching me on a panel - I'm not accepting pitches until I post openings next month. Interested in speaking at the show? See the Speaking at SES London 2006 page for more information.

  7. SES Toronto Agenda Online

    I'm spending the next couple of weeks inviting speakers, and will be posting openings to the Search Engine Strategies blog on Monday, March 6. No pitches yet, please, but you're welcome to read our guidelines for speaking at SES if interested.