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  1. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    Not all Spanish-speaking countries are alike. Spanish-speaking countries all have different forms and dialects of the Spanish language that they use, which is just one of the ways that they differ. It is important when implementing search marketing...

  2. The World Welcomes 2014 on Twitter, Reveals Usage Patterns

    The Spanish term spiked when Spain celebrated New Year's Eve and then again as midnight arrived in South America. I next analyzed how the term "Happy New Year" trended in other languages: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.

  3. International SEO Gone Wrong: 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program

    A 2007 US Census Bureau report put the number of Americans speaking Spanish “very well” in their homes at more than 18 million people with an additional 6 million or so speaking it “well,” while nearly 7 million Americans spoke an Indo-European...

  4. Going Global: Insights for International Social Media

    Just because Luis from sales speaks Spanish doesn’t mean he’s qualified to manage your social media. ZF: Google Translate is a great tool for learning how to say “preposterous thinking” in Spanish – but as you might expect, it will often ignore...

  5. Gustav Klimt Google Logo Celebrates 150th Birthday of Austrian Erotica Artist

    The artist of The Kiss is also believed to have fathered 14 to 17 illegitimate children before his death by stroke, during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Frank Whitford famously panned that notion when speaking on BBC TV documentary, The Kiss...

  6. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    Even though there are 1.3 billion speakers of Chinese and Spanish, English with 350 million speakers is still the most widely spoken language of business and international commerce. Targeting the English Speaking Expatriate Markets

  7. 5 Options for Choosing a Country, Region, or Language Selector

    In the U.S.some sites translate for the large Spanish speaking audience. As another example, specifically targets the Chinese speaking audience in the U.S. Usability: If it isn’t easy to locate, use, or otherwise just unclear, you may be...

  8. SEO Your Website For Foreign Languages in Your Domestic Market

    But there are also huge – and largely untapped – possibilities represented by marketing to native speakers of languages other than English in majority English-speaking countries, such as Spanish speakers in the U.S.or Polish speakers in the UK.

  9. Social Media Around the World: Current Trends and Future Growth

    Recent figures also compiled by WebCertain Publishing indicate that 2010 marks the first year in which Facebook users outnumbered members of Tuenti, a popular Spanish-language social site. While there are several articles speaking of the demise of...

  10. Localizing Websites: Why it Pays to Target Countries and Not Languages

    It may seem like a sensible option prima facie to create websites targeted by language, rather than individual localized sites for each country; after all, English is the official or primary language of more than 50 countries, Spanish is the...

  11. Targeting by Language or Country: What You Need to Know

    Spanish, for example, can easily cover almost all of Latin America in addition to targeting homegrown Spanish-speaking citizens. The well-known story of Chevy Nova is one of those cases, where "No va" in Spanish means "no go.

  12. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Hi5 claims to be number one in the Spanish speaking community. We started our own Big Dance with 16, but now the Final Four is starting to come into focus, thanks to all of you who have voted for your favorite social media sites.

  13. Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16, Part 2

    Hi5 claims to be number one in the Spanish speaking community. Is it Facebook? Twitter? Or is it a "Cinderella Player" like Livemocha? We're down to the Sweet 16. Last time, we discussed Region 1. This week, we'll review the Region 1 winners and...

  14. Google News Enables Cross-Language Search

    Despite the heavy influx of people from Spanish-speaking countries, Google says US users will primarily see English. Lately, Google has had a global focus. Recently, they gave tips on developing a multi-lingual site.

  15. SearchDay: Don't Hire a Butcher to do a Baker's Job

    I'm interested to know if there are better Search Engines to target for Spanish (and potentially Portuguese) speaking users in Spain and across Latin America. MarkJackson Don't Hire a Butcher to do a Baker's Job - Part 2» AU NATURAL: Organic search...

  16. Spot Runner Raises $51 Million in Funding

    Grupo Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world. Internet-based ad agency Spot Runner has secured a combined $51 million in funding from Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), Grupo Televisa, Legg Mason Capital...