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Spanish Law

  1. Google Begins Removing Search Results to Comply With 'Right to be Forgotten'

    Bloomberg noted that the internet search engine has removed a link to a Spanish newspaper that was the target of a court case by Mario Costeja Gonzalez. A Search of Gonzalez's name now shows text at the bottom of the page, which reads, "Some...

  2. Google Censorship Ruling in Canada Has Worldwide Implications

    Also in May, European courts ruled in favor of a Spanish man who brought a case against Google due to search results that contained "embarrassing" financial information – the case that has become widely known as the "right to be forgotten.

  3. Opinion: Search Engines Not Responsible for Deleting Personal Data From Index

    It was part of a case brought against the search engine firm by a Spanish citizen looking to have potentially libelous website data removed from Google's search index. In the ruling, Jääskinen said that Google and other search engines are not...

  4. Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests

    The Spanish Data Protection Authority asked Google to remove 270 search results linking to blogs and websites that mentioned public figures. Even when content doesn’t violate their own guidelines, Google may bend to the law of any given country.

  5. Google Fighting Freedom of Press in Spain, Getting Fined in France

    We're pleased that the [Spanish] court is considering asking guidance from Europe's top court on whether Spain's [data-protection agency] has overridden European law. Though freedom-of-expression provisions of Spanish law protect newspapers, legal...

  6. What's the Buzz Behind Behavioral Advertising?

    Yahoo and Telemundo Tie Up for Spanish Site. Google, Microsoft Push for 'Net Neutrality' Law. Recent studies have shown that behavioral advertising converts better than contextual ad targeting. But there is some confusion about what behavioral...

  7. Search Marketing & the Spanish Speaking Internet

    Moreover, there are 18 Spanish speaking nations in Latin America alone, each with its own culture, politics and commerce. A longer version of this story for Search Engine Watch members offers specific tips for marketing to Spanish speaking Internet...