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  1. Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs, Part 3

    Spam is such an interesting problem because it has a co-evolutionary flavor to it; we make spam detection algorithms, the spammers adapt, and the cycle continues. Does Yahoo have any plans to make text searching (inside the image, via OCR) available.

  2. Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs, Part 2

    Sometimes the abuse is intentional, as in the case of spammers. Many of the key people in product search live within a business unit, but are also affiliates of Yahoo Research Labs. Personalization is one of the top priorities of Yahoo and new...

  3. Eurekster Launches Personalized Social Search

    Worst spammers unfazed as law trips other emailers. Yahoo Announces Yahoo Labs. Now it comes not from Google or Yahoo but instead from tiny Eurekster, which opens to the general public today. When you search on Eurekster, the listings are coming...

  4. Happy Birthday, AltaVista!

    AOL Wins Legal Round Against Spammers. In the fall of 1995, DEC decided to move AltaVista beyond the labs and offer it as a public service on the web, to highlight DEC's internet businesses. The AltaVista search engine was the brainchild of Digital...