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Spam Nofollow Attribute

  1. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    Situation C: 100 links on the page, 1 normal and 99 with a nofollow attribute. PageRank Distribution and nofollow When nofollow was introduced, some SEO enthusiasts wanted to use it for so called “PageRank sculpting” (the intentional steering of...

  2. SearchDay | Sage's Dirty Little Secret

    Following the Nofollow Kerfuffle Jun 17, 2009 In my column today, "Following the Nofollow Kerfuffle (," I go through a few scenarios regarding Matt Cutts' recent disclosures of the changing algorithm Google...

  3. The Art of Sculpting, or There's Nothing Wrong with Knowing SEO

    There have been much discussion recently about using the “nofollowattribute to sculpt a website's PageRank for ranking purposes, a practice commonly known as PR Sculpting. Matt Cutts from Google even went out of his way at the Web 2.0 conference...