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  1. Goodbye, Video Responses: YouTube Giveth and YouTube Taketh Away

    And this change shifts the balance of power towards Reddit, a social news and entertainment website; Tumblr, a microblogging platform and social networking website now owned by Yahoo; Pinterest, a pinboard-style photo- and video-sharing website...

  2. Maria Montessori Google Doodle: How Montessori Education ‘Programmed’ Google’s Founders

    Both Page and Brin are Montessori products – Page having attended Okemos Montessori Radmoor School in Michigan, while Brin attended Paint Branch Montessori School in Adelphi, Maryland after emigrating from the Soviet Union.

  3. St. Basil's Cathedral Google Logo Marks 450th Anniversary of Russian Landmark

    The foundation of the cathedral has also been tested by tanks driven during Soviet military parades, the construction of underground infrastructure, the paving of Red Square with cobblestones, and even the vibrations from nearby outdoor rock...

  4. Yuri Gagarin Gets Google Doodle On 50th Anniversary Of Man In Space

    Gagarin was born 9 March 1934 in the Soviet Union and made the first human trip into space on April 12, 1961 - three weeks later, on 5 May 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American. Whilst the space race may be over, 50 years ago the race to get...

  5. Forget Competition, the Search Wars are Over

    The former Soviet Union and United States battled for supremacy in space and each country made magnificent strides forward in a short period of time. The other search engines should just give up and declare Google the winner.

  6. Global SEO Makes Bloomberg News Headline

    With any luck, the town known as Russia's "City of Brides'' will start to increase in population for the first time since the Soviet era. Sure there are lots of global news stories in Bloomberg News today.