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  1. Google Hearts London: New Offices & World's First Chrome Store

    This summer UK Googlers moved from their offices in stuffy Victoria to the much trendier Soho area and now the company has announced plans to open a second office in Old Street, often known as Silicon Roundabout due to it's reputation as the new...

  2. Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox? Part 2

    Instead of listing the top ten restaurants in the SoHo area of New York, for example, it would list the top 10 romantic restaurants, or the top 20 hip-laid back restaurants in the area. In our last article, we discussed how social networks are...

  3. 25 Design Best Practices for Your Small Business Web Site

    For example: Finger Lakes, SoHo, DIA, Orange County. Where do you start after your business plan is worked out and you're secure in what you're going to place on your Web site? Whether you plan to hire a designer or figure it out for yourself...

  4. I'm a PC, What Are You?

    I love shopping in SoHo and happily welcome the millions of tourists who can't seem to figure out how to walk on the sidewalks of New York, many of whom I found monopolizing the test machines in the store.

  5. BritZ!

    Plus, we New Yorkers get to bid midtown a remorseless adieu and decamp to much-more-desirable SoHo (that's NY SoHo, btw). Our columnist-from-across-the-pond Mike Grehan has been on an unofficial campaign to re-dub this publication "BritZ.