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Software Update Number 25

  1. Driving Consumer Insights With Mobile Analytics

    Once you set up tracking for an app and sign up for the beta program, you then download the software development kit (SDK) – they have one for iOS and one for Android. Version Control: this is very important ‐ how many people are actually using...

  2. Did-It Does It Again - Uninformed Controversy As Publicity

    Plus many sites are now run on blogging software as CMS which gets attention at sessions. I wonder if Did-It has that in its proprietorial conversion tracking software? Search Convergence - you are reaching here and I hope the Did-It software is...

  3. SearchDay | Marketing your SMB with Time & Elbow Grease

    Microsoft started out in software. Gives Update on Home Page Testing Posted by Feb 16, 2009 Yahoo! Now, the tool is opening up to a larger number of advertisers. Marketing your SMB with Time & Elbow Grease, Part 1 SEW EXPERTS: LITTLE BIZ It's...

  4. Q&A with Jason Calacanis, Founder & CEO,

    JC: Free is the driving force in software today. Low barriers to entry, easy-to-deploy software, media, and VC-fueled frenzy. Software and application developers and hardware manufacturers seem to be pushing technology out before it's ready.

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 14, 2006: MySpace To Auction Search Traffic; Google Picasa Gets Photo Sharing; NY State Says Shame On Google Video; Is That Google Earth In My Coffee Table? & More!

    Panda Software and RSA Security worked together to dismantle the virus. Read the full details over at Panda Software. Google's social networking software, and many Googlers have profiles and accounts with Orkut.