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Software Tool Principles

  1. Personalized e-Commerce Sites Can Increase Conversions by 70%

    The software essentially takes the driving principles of building rapport in the offline world to the online realm. Instead, new technologies rely on expert systems based on time-tested principles of behavioral psychology and psychological...

  2. Web Analytics 101, Part 2

    Before we look at specific tools, I want to cover a couple more principles I didn't get to in "Web Analytics 101, Part 1. In general, log analyzers tend to be software that is purchased and installed, while tag-based analytics programs tend to be...

  3. Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Though I'll use B2C terminology here, realize that these principles apply equally to searchers whose needs/desires are satisfied by B2B products and services: most people go through several "search steps" before making a final decision:

  4. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    Ultimately the principles are what are important. Schmidt referred to the growth of advertising-supported models, but this seemed to overlook the development of newer-generation for-fee software that also doesn't bet against the Internet...

  5. Daily SearchCast, July 5, 2006: Google's Ranking Criteria Categories Exposed?; Lawsuit Over Rankings Might Go Ahead; Google's Not-So-Killer Products; Windows Live Local Click-To-Call & More!

    The Washington Post reports that Google has warned the United States, that if telecoms abuse net neutrality principles it backs, through a new law that might go through, it could consider an anti-trust action.