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Software Testing

  1. Adobe Adds Cloud-Based Mobile Services

    The new cloud-based mobile services provides a Mobile Services Software Development Kit (SDK) to help app developers integrate analytics collection into their apps. The new service launched today and is fully integrated with both Adobe Analytics...

  2. Marin Software Helps Customers Lock Down Their Preferred Position in Paid Search Results

    Marin Software has a new feature which allows customers to choose a position in the paid search results and stay there. These new features and partnerships come on the heels of Marin Software's March IPO, in which they exceeded expectations...

  3. How to Use the Browser & OS Reports in Google Analytics, Plus 15 Reasons Why

    Testing on newly released devices/software. Testing new (or existing) content and functionality. The Technology reports in Google Analytics contain a whole host of fantastic data. It is an essential place to look when you're thinking about making...

  4. Google Analytics Adds Mobile Capabilities to Tag Manager

    Google Analytics has introduced two new features: a new version of Tag Manager for your mobile apps and a software development kit (SDK) to make it all work together. Changing one setting not only means testing and recompiling, but also deployment.

  5. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    These folks manage your web servers, the software that runs on them, and all the traffic components that keep your web traffic coming in. There are load test software tools that allow you to simulate heavy loads.