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  1. Marin Software Stakes Claim as First Google API Partner to Support RLSA

    Support of Google AdWords RLSA adds another arrow to our customers’ quiver of audience targeting options," says Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. Marin Software is staking its claim as the first Google API partner to support...

  2. Social Ad Revenue Forecast to Hit $11 Billion by 2017 [Report]

    The Android software allows users to skin their smartphone with a Facebook overlay that puts social networking front and center. Campaign options such as Twitter Promoted Tweets and Facebook Sponsored Stories will lead to advertisers rethinking...

  3. 14 Tips on How to Become a More Efficient SEO Professional

    Stay Focused With Helpful Software and Browser Extensions A good place to start is by installing useful software and browser extensions. Highlight multiple text items and use shift+f3 to toggle between various capitalization options – loads easier...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Software / Online Tools Software / Online Tools: Consider social analytics, social sign-on, ratings/reviews tools, YouTube paid account, video editing software, mobile app downloads, image subscriptions, etc.