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Social Search Judy Book

  1. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 31, 2006: Google Toolbar 4 With Bookmarking Out; How Google Censors In China; Google's EvilRank Scale; Keyword Searching Through Broadcast News & More!

    Judy's Book Gets "Social Search" Trademark; Yahoo Apparently Says Jump In A Lake Today's search podcast covers a new version of the Google Toolbar with bookmarking features being released; how Google does censorship in China; how

  2. Local Search, From Locals

    Judy's Book is a site that's blending the ideas of local search and social networks, tapping into the knowledge and experience of residents of cities across the provide a guide to local businesses and services.

  3. Local Search + Social Networking

    Say hello to Judy's Book, Yelp, and Insider Pages. In the article: Socially Networked Start-Ups Challenge Big Boys in Local Search, Pamela Parker takes a look at three new local search/social networking databases.