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  1. Facebook Dominates Web With More Home Page Integration Than Google+, Twitter Combined

    While not an exact science, Pingdom’s research offers a broad look at social integration trends. Facebook dominates both in official integration and links from the home page back to the social network, though looking at these two different metrics...

  2. Do Marines Need A Few Good Tweeters? Pentagon Wants Social Media Experts

    Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems. No doubt the platforms are being used by terrorists, criminals and other sordid types - the restrictions for the military...

  3. 10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss #SESNY

    His book "Six Degrees: The Science Of A Connected Age" is one of the reasons I became so absorbed in social network analysis. And this year at SES New York you can add to it the phrase "big-brain" as Duncan Watts, Principal Research Scientist with...

  4. Who Is Duncan Watts and Why Is Everything Obvious ... Once You Know the Answer?

    As sociologist and network science pioneer, Watts says the explanations that we give for the outcomes that we observe in life -- explanations that seem obvious once we know the answer -- are less useful than they seem.