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Social Program Page Optimization

  1. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    In the early days, before social media was such a huge part of the Internet experience, aligning your PPC program with your SEO program was crucial. On Page Optimization of HTML Pages Aligning digital assets that cater towards those folks with the...

  2. Driving Consumer Insights With Mobile Analytics

    Once you set up tracking for an app and sign up for the beta program, you then download the software development kit (SDK) – they have one for iOS and one for Android. From their insights, TheFind stopped spending almost anything on paid media and...

  3. SEO & Keywords: Think Conversions, Not Rankings

    Takeaway: Build time into your sales proposal and SEO program for ongoing discovery to uncover those highly converting keywords prospects are using at different stages of the buying cycle. Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically...

  4. Google’s Avinash Kaushik Talks Optimization Across All Channels at #SESTO

    Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist at Google, took the stage at SES Toronto this morning to talk marketing program optimization across all channels. Check them out and make optimization a part of your daily duties.