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Social Program Combines Local Search

  1. Reinstalling My PC, Part 1: Top Timesavers

    All you need to is press whatever shortcut key you've assigned to Launchy, start typing, and whatever program or file you want comes up. It's a cool visual search engine that combines a bunch of web search options with desktop search.

  2. Defending SEM During a Recession

    An integral part of this plan is your active management of the program. There's also volume associated with the SEO maintenance program. That's led search marketers to defend their craft by insisting SEO and social media are recession-proof...

  3. The Search Engine Update - Number 165 - Jan. 21, 2004

    Kanoodle's fledgling contextual ads program wins its first big partnership with CBS Metrobot combines an excellent local search engine with a unique graphical interface that makes it easy to locate businesses in a dozen major U.S...