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  1. If you aren't at SES Berlin, go to SES Chicago for 11 topics breaking

    Search Engine Strategies Berlin is being held this week at the Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre, and SES Chicago 2009 gets underway in two weeks at the Hilton Chicago. This week, I'll share an eleventh significant reason for attending Search Engine...

  2. Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for Eight Days A-Learning

    And I know that no one would confuse the Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre, where Search Engine Strategies Berlin is being held, or the Hilton Chicago, where SES Chicago 2009 is being held, with the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican, where The School...

  3. President 2.0

    Join us for Search Engine Strategies Chicago December 8-12 at the Chicago Hilton. The campaign was genius to utilize the social network. Obama's team also creatively provided their own footage of things that the network would die to have, such as...

  4. Top News Stories from SES Chicago

    SES Chicago Keynote – Seth Godin who else could make the grand old 1927-built Chicago Hilton feel so alive with pleasure? There were literally hundreds of news stories and blog posts written at Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago last week.