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  1. SEO & PPC Q1 2014 Trends: '(not provided)', Mobile & Bing Ads All Grow [Reports]

    Social media sites contributed to an average of 1.5 percent of all site visits, RKG reported. Facebook reigned as the dominant referrer of that traffic at 54 percent in Q1, versus other social sites like Pinterest (25 percent), YouTube (3 percent...

  2. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    The social media revolution of the past few years has completely changed the way we use and experience the web; it's now more about the user, user engagement, and user-driven content. Visitors to their sites view customized content based on:

  3. Could Bing Ever Overtake Google in Search?

    So, rather than trying to understand what users mean and predicting it, Bing actually knows what user want based on actual data from social sites. If Bing continues to do search right and uses actual social media data to influence search results...