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  1. A 5-Step Action Plan for Influencer Marketing & 9 Expert Tips to Get You Started

    That means influencers care more about their own community than your brand (and rightly so)! Understand Their Community Instead of pushing your news, create experiences for your influencers so they have something to react to and share.

  2. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    Recent Google updates have amplified visibility of hashtags in organic search results on as well as Google+ as demonstrated by the results of a Google search query for #milliondollarwebsites used to promote my book and Google+ Community.

  3. Securing the Future of SEO: Global Brands & 5 '(Not Provided)' Solutions

    When Google made it apparent that 100 percent of its keyword data will be "(not provided)" (to the SEO community), many reacted with anger, angst, and frustration. Others sat back to absorb the news and some, content-based marketers, embraced the...

  4. How B2B Advertisers Can Win on Facebook, Just Like Salesforce

    Think of the social actions as a bonus, and on-going community building and content delivery because, well, Facebook distribution of your content just ain’t what it used to be. Facebook targeting segments are an asset that you can use over and over...

  5. Visual PR Secrets: Content Power Tips and Social Publishing Trends

    There's as many ways to do this right as there are different audiences," said Megan Berry, RebelMouse director of community and social product. If there was a recipe for social PR news success, it would call for a dash of authentic content, a...

  6. 13 Twitter PR Secrets to Report News, Gain Publicity, & Build Relationships

    Twitter is making and breaking news at a pace of 400 million tweets a day with a community of 500 million users 200 million active monthly users with 60 percent accessing tweets via a mobile device. Companies and organizations breaking news via a...

  7. Google Penguin 2013: How to Evolve Link Building into Real SEO

    Email marketing, social media, community engagement in forums, and guest blog posting are efficient mechanisms for spreading the word about engaging content. Any activity that broadcasts your message, your brand, and builds real community...