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  1. Biggest Search Events of 2011 & Predictions for 2012

    The kind of growth this platform has seen can’t continue – and young people will be the first out of the door. Users began to see "(not provided)" appearing in their Google Analytics data, indicating that the search had been encrypted and the...

  2. Kenshoo & Covario Team Up on SEO, PPC, Social & Local

    The product is anchored by the Kenshoo Universal Platform, which accommodates proprietary internal systems in addition to data from third-party providers. It provides automation, business intelligence, integration and scale; almost 50 different...

  3. Asia Search Update: Yahoo Algo Transition Goes to India, Google Eyes Southeast Asia

    Social networking (90 percent) is the dominant platform where Malaysians connect and communicate and it has increased by 29 percent since 2010, based on results in conjunction with research firm Synovate.

  4. Bing Social Recommends Twitterers; Paid Search Roundup; Google Transparency Report & More Search News

    Ad Platform Criteo Advances Display Ad Retargeting Offering - ClickZ The U.S.has made the largest number of data requests. Search Alliance, AdSense there will be almost no time lag between a click recorded and spend tracked.

  5. Bing vs Google Face-Off Still On: Bing Announces Search Index Boost, Social Results & More

    This time, Twitter is part of the real-time search fest too (it was the first social platform to be integrated back in October) and it is called Bing Social. So far, Bing had only 'socialized' its shopping experience by enabling prospective buyers...

  6. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    My wish for the search engines is that they continue to open up their technology and API ecosystems that will give us the ability to integrate tracking across all new products on a single platform. Local search is a good example: we have yet to...