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  1. Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype

    As multi-device consumption becomes the standard for consumers, marketers need to clearly understand mobile measurement and the analytics available to stay ahead of the curve. Why Cross-Device Measurement Matters

  2. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Universal Analytics is new measurement protocol originally announced at 2012 Summit. Achieving cross-device measurement is needed to understand and respond to the exploding adoption of internet-connected devices and the multi-device user decision...

  3. Converged Media in Marketing Starts With Breaking Down Silos

    But they had a measurement system and goals in place before they even executed their first task. Product Manager - Webmaster Outreach at Bing, Adam Singer, Product Manager for Google Analytics, and Daina Middleton, Global Chief Executive Officer at...

  4. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    It is critical that you know how your CMO is thinking in terms of both a measurement framework and marketing mix. Recalibrate expectations on measurement: Fix your analytics. CRMs and marketing automation tools can be wonderful, but so can...

  5. Attention Digital Marketing Director: Read This for Your Social Media Success

    Besides measurement of social analytics, you also need to test your return on investment in your people and outside sources continually. Like any other marketing initiative and related vehicle, measurement is of the utmost importance.

  6. 6 Reasons the Website (vs. Social Media) Should Be the Ultimate Destination for the Brand

    However, as this list will demonstrate, the return of social media investments can be cultivated with more control, measurement and long-term benefit when they graduate from the social platform to the brand's primary digital footprint – the website.