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  1. Duplicate Content -- A True Story

    They also offer premium (paid) services for searching specific copy snippets or automatically detecting issues. You should register your copy with the Library of Congress. Library of Congress Copyright Office 101 Independence Avenue, S.E.

  2. Google Paper Explains Listening To Your TV Can Help It Put Ads & Info On Your Computer

    Taking this further, we could collect snippets from the web describing the actors appearing in a movie or present maps of locales within the movie as it takes place (no matter if users are watching it as a live broadcast or as a recoded broadcast).

  3. A Look Back as Google's Library Project Passes the One Year Mark

    Legal Experts Say Google Library Digitization Project Likely OK; Will It Revolve Around Snippets? Tomorrow, the Google Library Project will be one year old. Here's a link to our first SearchDay article about the Google Library Project from December...

  4. Harvard's Involvement in Google Library Project

    Verba said, "is Google's notion of showing only the snippets, which have everything to do with what's in the book, but nothing to do with reading the book. Katie Hafner's NY Times article: At Harvard, A Man, a Plan, and a Scanner offers a profile...

  5. Amazon's Jeff Bezos on Book Scanning and Amazon's New Digital Book Programs

    This is not the same thing as the Google Library scanning program that has caused lots of attention and that will only show "snippets" of scanned in-copyright library materials. Search Inside the Book (online before Google Print) equates most...

  6. Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan

    As I tried to make clear yesterday, their is a clear difference between the Google Print program (where material comes directly from publishers) and the Google Library scanning program where Google plans to retrospectively scan every book in...

  7. Schmidt Talks To Advertisers, Mentions 300 Year Timeframe (again) Before Google Makes it "All" Searchable

    A "fair use" provision under the law allows for excerpts of copyrighted material to be used and Google will only display snippets of copyrighted text, he said. I do my best to explain the basic differences between Google Print for Publishers and...