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Sms Synfonic

  1. Real-Time Transportation Finders

    What the article doesn't mention is that both and Synfonic are two US-based SMS services that provide real-time flight info. On a related note, this CNN article takes a look at a new SMS (text-messaging) service in the UK that offers real...

  2. SMS Search Provider Adds Email Search Service, WiFi Hotspot Search Coming Soon

    Yahoo SMS and Synfonic also provide SMS access to databases of WiFi hotspots. Two quick news items from Palo Alto's, an SMS (text messaging) search service. If don't have SMS capabilities on your phone or mobile device (or SMS messages...

  3. Google SMS Adds Stock Quotes

    Yahoo's SMS service that launched last week,, and Synfonic also provide stock quotes. It looks like Google has added another feature to their SMS search tool. You can now use Google SMS to find stock quotes.

  4. New Mobile Search Engine: UpSnap

    Google SMS and Synfonic In today's SearchDay we're introduced to a new SMS-based local directory search service named UpSnap. Chris mentions that SMS and wireless search is really "heating up" with several new services going live.