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  1. 60% of Consumers Use Mobile Exclusively to Make Purchase Decisions [Study]

    This is likely due at least in part to the satisfaction increase in mobile devices, up 2 percent from 2013, with 61 percent saying they were satisfied with information found on smartphones. When it comes to shopping, smartphones experienced a 26...

  2. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    In fact, 52 percent of traffic to the Magic Beans website comes from mobile devices – 35 percent from smartphones and 17 percent from tablets. Often, they're searching on smartphones. Young mothers use smartphones as their primary device most often...

  3. Google: Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores [Study]

    Eighty-eight percent used smartphones and 84 percent used a computer or tablet. Searches with local intent are more likely to lead to store visits and sales within a day. New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to...

  4. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    The complaint argued that given its placement of its own apps on Android smartphones - such as Google Play and Search - through its Mobile Application Distribution Agreements (MADA), it is stifling competition in the market.