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Smarter Comparison Engine

  1. PPC Landing Pages: Surprising Examples

    They're often employed by comparison shopping engines (like who, by necessity, grind out hundreds of thousands of ads, often dynamically using dynamic keyword insertion. Advice to correct the grammar error ("Types of onâï...

  2. Smarter Launches Visual Search

    Well, this week it's Smarter's turn to take the colorful spotlight. today launched visual search. Differentiator here is that Smarter's visual search is all about clothing. Smarter then returns two bands of products (the top on top, the...

  3. Highlights from the SEW Blog: August 10, 2006 launched something similar at the end of May and launched. - Same Shopping Search, Different User ExperienceYesterday Sortprice put out a press release about being a 'next generation' shopping comparison engine.

  4. New Players in Travel Search

    While not as polished looking as Farecast, FareCompare provides a ton of flight pricing data which made me feel smarter. The display and filtering technology is exactly what you'd expect to see from a 'new' travel search engine as the company...