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  1. Demographics and Interests: Coming to a Google Analytics Profile Near You

    Above, you can see a note stating you’re required to make a small change to your tracking code. Google will hold back some of the original data if your sample set is very small and they’re afraid you might know too much about an individual user.

  2. Local Search Insights: What Are Consumers in Your Local Area Searching For?

    Earlier this year, Search Engine Watch author Carrie Hill offered advice on marketing your small business site, including claiming your Google Local business listing and making sure Bing and Yahoo local listings are up to date.

  3. So I Have this Web Site...

    I've heard from a lot of small business owners who think the Web site will market itself. Small business Web site owners should have Flash elements on their sites, such as footers or image slideshows, but building the whole site in Flash is a...

  4. My "Must Have" List of Directories

    As a small business owner, being aware and chipping away at the list by submitting to one a month or one a quarter is okay. Playing in your own neighborhood is an important part of directory and linkbuilding research.

  5. How SMBs Can Optimize their Social Networking Time, Part 1

    Because there's a huge amount of "noise" on Twitter and a small amount of "signal" to be found, it's important to weed the signal out without reading every tweet thoroughly. Many small business owners know that there's benefit to be had from social...

  6. SearchDay | Setting Expectations for SEO

    As Carrie Hill wrote in her Small Business Marketing column today, demographic targeting is already available from Google and Microsoft, but it is a welcome addition to Yahoo's . Applying some small business common sense to the topic can bring you...