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  1. Why Content Marketers Should Step Back From Creation and Focus On Strategy

    They segmented the results by enterprise vs.small and medium-sized business (SMB), making comparisons between how marketers in the enterprise think about content small business owners do. Given the digital marketing industry's focus on...

  2. The Smart Way to Optimize Your Amazon Sales Strategy

    Since mobile inventory is still relatively inexpensive and Amazon makes purchasing from a mobile device incredibly simple and painless, it’s worth testing a small mobile-only media buy to send traffic and see if you can generate incremental profits.

  3. 3 Non-SEO Tips for Small Businesses Scared of Google Penalties

    Small Businesses are Scared Small businesses are still struggling to find their place in online marketing. While SEO firms struggle to explain complex topics such as nofollowing links, editorial appropriateness, disavowing links, and reinclusion...

  4. A Content Marketing Manifesto: 10 Principles to Drive Creative Content

    Believe that small changes in the right direction can have a much bigger impact than a few huge overhauls. When the plane starts to swerve, they make small adjustments to get it back on track. But if your strategy is solid, you'll be able to stay...