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  1. SearchDay | Putting the 'Search' in Research

    Instead, they have put the file in a skins sub . HerndonHasty Putting the 'Search' in Research SEW EXPERTS: BIG BIZ Knowing your customer is critical to reaching them effectively, and creating the ideal environment to convert them into buyers.

  2. Comments on 'Night at the Museum' Promo

    But Graham says people do like it and choose to have skins on their page when given the option. We know that allowing users to see and experience something other than a 'usual' homepage excites and captivates them, which is why our 'skins' feature...

  3. Internet TV: What Do Users Want?

    Give the TV different colour schemes or skins (Note: Selected applications only) Last week at CES, several TVs that were internet-capable were rolled out for the world to see. So what do consumers plan on using their TV internet browsers for?