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Skin Care

  1. Google Penguin Got You Down? Work on Customer Service

    Find Another Way to Skin the Cat They need empathy and someone to care. Many businesses suffered drops in their rankings with the most recent Google update. While some customers still have healthy organic traffic, others have seen a decrease in leads.

  2. FTC Sets New Guidelines for Blogger Endorsements and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    A skin care products advertiser participates in a blog advertising service. Although the advertiser does not make any specific claims about the lotion's ability to cure skin conditions and the blogger does not ask the advertiser whether there is...

  3. Google Dance Case Studies

    As a result, this legal site was linking to things such as a diet pills site or a skin care products store. While various webmaster forums have lots of discussion about the recent Google changes, specifics about particular situations are often...

  4. The Search Engine Update, July 17, 2001, Number 105

    It only it weren't for all those darn baby photos messing everything up -- "Babies tend to be showing a lot of skin," said image search company LookThatUp. The companies named certainly could make life easier for themselves by changing the wording...