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Size Wars

  1. Google & Yahoo Reveal the Most Searched For Halloween Costumes of 2013

    Star wars costumes Plus size halloween costumes Both Google and Yahoo agree that Minion costumes – from the "Despicable Me" movies – are the top trending costumes of 2013. With Halloween just three weeks away, here's a look at which costumes people...

  2. 4 Ways That Facebook Can Make Big Money

    Google owns close to 100-percent market share in the search engine wars because it's the best at helping us find what we're looking for. Everyone receiving the same search results is analogous to going to Nordstrom to buy a dress and the sales...

  3. SearchDay | Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word

    Will it grab a decent amount of market share and reignite the browser wars? Viral Link Building: Size Doesn't Always Matter LINK LOVE Despite some popularly held ideas to the contrary, viral campaigns don't need to be massive to be successful.

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    The End Of the Size Wars? Search Engine Watch Forums Problems with blog spam? Shouldn't those who created blogging software and systems have realized the problems inherent in leaving doors open? Newspapers pre-Internet: Blogs post-Internet.

  5. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 27, 2005: Google Claim To Be Most Comprehensive But Backing Away From Counts, Searchers Loving The First Result, Detecting Phishing Sites, Search Spending On The Rise, Google's

    Claims To Be Most Comprehensive - But Helps Defuse Size Wars By Dropping Home Today's search podcast covers Google's claim to be most comprehensive but dropping index size as proof of that, plus Google's second birthday this month,