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  1. Google Display Ads on Mobile Devices: How to Avoid the Erroneous Clicks of Children

    You can find these mobile apps within the Placement Performance Report. Review your placement reports. There are a few factors that may cause unqualified traffic, such as mobile devices, campaign targeting, ad copy – but ultimately, I blame the...

  2. Audience Targeting in Mobile: 4 Key Elements of Context

    Beyond the obvious time zone difference that would surely affect ad placement timing, there is no need to promote breakfast sandwiches all day, and promoting lunchtime soup specials during the evening hours would most likely miss the mark as well.

  3. Google Display Network Exclusion Tactics: Don’t Drink from the Fire Hose

    Excluding a placement at the campaign level means that no ad group will display ads on that site, and this is a broad stroke for a GDN campaign. If you see a website within your placement performance report that is generating clicks but no...

  4. Improve Your Google Display Network Performance – Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

    You have to be smart, run placement performance reports and exclude irrelevant sites just like any other contextually targeted campaign. When advertisers find a website that performs great in a contextually targeted campaign (automatic placement...

  5. SERP Position: It Ain't Horseshoes

    Placement on subsequent pages doesn't appear to hold much value, at least for text-based searches. If you've been running a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for a while, and your site has just finally moved up to page two for the key terms...

  6. Placement-Targeted Campaigns: Taming the Beast

    Based on these reports, poorly-performing sites can be excluded using the Site Exclusion tool, and sites performing well can be "peeled off" and placed into a separate placement-targeted campaign. Placement-Targeted Campaign Bidding Strategies