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  1. Marketers Talk Hummingbird, '(Not Provided)' & More Ahead of SES Chicago 2013

    The Chicago Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group, local people who are interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and more general issues related to Search Engine Marketing (SEM); Chicago Women Tech, a group of local women in...

  2. SearchDay | "Must Have" Directories

    Search Engine Strategies SEM and SEO Training Comes to New York Posted by Greg Jarboe May 13, 2009 On June 16, 2009, Search Engine Strategies (SES) will hold a workshop, "SEO Training: Basic to Advanced," in partnership with DM Days at the Jacob K.

  3. 2009 is a Year of Change for Travel Search Marketing

    The SES NY session will be somewhat of an extension of that article, focusing on four key areas: organic SEO, smart SEM, social media, and local/mobile optimization. Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Microsoft Webmaster Center make...

  4. The Better You Rank...the Better You Rank!

    We can't talk about organic SEO without also addressing other methods of marketing that would make your Web site more relevant, popular, and trafficked. You may have noticed that the SEM conference agendas are looking a bit different, too.

  5. Who Audits the Auditor?

    I recently spoke with a friend in the SEM industry about this, and what I heard wasn't surprising (this person asked to remain anonymous). I'd like to say "you can always trust me," but that's the problem with the SEM industry.

  6. Key Themes in Online Travel

    However, attending events like these are always beneficial because it bridges the gap between the sophistication of traditional travel and brand marketers with the down and dirty tactics we employ in the SEO/SEM world.

  7. Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 14-18, 2008

    SEM Industry Issues Small Business/Big Brand SEM Organic Search Microsoft Acquires Travel Search Site FarecastMicrosoft has reportedly acquired Seattle-based travel search site Farecast for an estimated $115 million.

  8. Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 7-11, 2008

    SEW Experts: SEM Tools of the ExpertsThere are a variety of SEM tools available to search marketers. Organic Search It could be, you just managed to screw up your site. Could the Term "SEO" Become Trademarked?

  9. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 24-28, 2008

    How to (Actually) Earn Money (Now) with Social Media (Really): Part 1Leveraging digital assets and hot social channels for long-term SEM benefit has now become SEO 101. SEM Industry Issues Conversion Rates & The Value Of Outsourcing SEM...

  10. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    SEM Industry Issues Small Business/Big Brand SEM Organic Search LinkedIn has announced the creation of 160,000 company profiles as part of their career social networking site. SEW Experts: To Rewrite or Not to Rewrite.That is the QuestionWhile URL...