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    Additionally, applying some competitive backlink analysis to similar content that ranks in search engines can give you additional audience perspective as well as some potential targets for your content marketing activities.

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    This is similar to what I explained about running a Panda report in Google Analytics. I won’t go crazy here detailing the update, since I’ve already written several posts about the recoveries and fresh hits.

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    The good UX designer can walk through your current design (or any similar design, for that matter) and point out limitations with the design, describing why they are limiting factors. Have you read their blog posts or LinkedIn discussion entries?

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    Most of Michael Hyatt's blog posts follow a very similar structure: they contain a personal story or anecdote embedded within each leadership post. For example, create a list of all the different blog posts you create and convert the structure into...

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    Whether they commented, +1'd, or shared, that list of users is actively engaged and very interested in similar content. If your customers only communicate in English and Spanish, sharing posts by your Chinese writing followers won't help you much...

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