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  1. The Future of Search: A One-Act Play in Three Acts

    If you don't believe me, now is a good time to go check out the sideshow exhibition at SEW presents our new weekend column. We have reserved saturdays to invite people outside of 'the industry' to share their thoughts...

  2. Bill Gates and Friends Talk and Demo New Products at CES

    Woodman also talks about the Windows Sidebar and Windows Sideshow. Windows Sideshow? The 2006 Winter Consumer Electronics Show got underway last night with a keynote address by Bill Gates and if you were hoping for some substantial discussion of...

  3. More on Microsoft's "Gadgets"

    The other day when MSN's API's became available I mentioned that developers can now create Gadgets (similar to what others call Widgets) for MSN's page, the Windows Sidebar and Windows SideShow.

  4. Paid Placement Alternatives to Overture and Google

    So Far, Spam Suit More Sideshow Than May 14 2003 5:21AM GMT In an online advertising world dominated by 900-pound gorillas Overture and Google AdWords, what do second-tier, aka alternative, pay-for-placement engines such as...

  5. How to Succeed as an Information Professional

    So Far, Spam Suit More Sideshow Than May 14 2003 5:21AM GMT Ever dreamed of being paid to search? A new book provides a comprehensive roadmap for turning your dream of being a professional searcher into a successful reality.

  6. The Search Engine Update, May 18, 1998, Number 29

    The services from both companies have been nothing more than a sideshow until now. By Danny Sullivan Editor, Search Engine Watch About The Update =================== The Search Engine Update is a twice-monthly update...