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  1. New Google Universal SERPs Layout Brings Apps to Forefront

    This was probably happening before when these options were in the sidebar, but it wasn't as noticeable. In fact it seems like such a small change that I struggled to remember what the 'old' SERPs looked like, only dimly recollecting that a left...

  2. New Filters Added to Google Search Options

    It opens up a sidebar on the left where you can filter your results: More shopping sites Fewer shopping sites If you haven't used Search Options before, look for the "Show Options" link in the lightly shaded blue bar above the search results:

  3. Bing's Best Features are the Ones You Didn't Know Existed on Live Search

    If you conduct a general search for say, coffee shop, as you scroll down the results page, the map on the right sidebar scrolls with you. Video search preview lets users mouse over video results and get a 30-second preview directly in the results.

  4. SearchDay | Use Online Public Relations for Link Marketing

    Users can pay to have their videos appear in a right hand sidebar called "Sponsored Videos" in the results of desired search terms. Incentives Work: Microsoft Seeing Positive Results from Cashback Program; Partners with Shopping Cart Providers...

  5. New Players in Travel Search

    They love the Web 2.0 style of Kayak or the SideStep sidebar comparison tool, but still don't really understand the difference between the travel search engines and OTAs. Farecast launches today in limited beta, serving only search results...