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  1. Animated “Little Nemo in Slumberland” Google Doodle for Comic Strip Anniversary

    Historians believe his animated film “Gertie the Dinosaur” was the first example of an animated character with a likeable, realistic personality, to whom viewers could relate. That film was created using thousands of drawings sketched out on rice...

  2. AOL Puts Entire Original Video Library on 22 Monetized YouTube Channels

    On Oct.he said, “even more talented creators and original entertainment will soon join YouTube’s existing channel lineup, including channels created by well-known personalities and content producers from the TV, film, music, news, and sports...

  3. Kony 2012: Lessons for Video Marketers

    The top video in the Viral Video Chart is Kony 2012, “a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

  4. Mary Blair Google Doodle Honors Artist's 100th Birthday

    During the 50s, Disney released an animated film almost every year, with Blair contributing on several animated short films in addition to her color styling work on Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.

  5. YouTube Creator Institute Offers Video Wizards Everything Except a Quidditch Team

    Applications include two short answer questions and a maximum two-minute demonstration of the creator's craft, whether it be a short film, a clip of a personal cooking show, or a snapshot of a nature expedition.

  6. Will Social Media Get Governor David Paterson of New York to Veto a Bad Bill?

    Film at 11. If you sign this bill, you will render illegal any and all short‐term lodging operations that don't fit the mold of the standard hotel. Bill S6873 would make short term vacation rentals illegal and force anyone except "permanent...