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  1. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    For example, Santiago says that in Brazil, the regional search engine UOL Busca is more popular than both Yahoo and MSN. Among the global search brands, MSN's international shopping actually has a leg up over competitors Google and Yahoo.

  2. A Closer Look At Microsoft's Instant Answers

    Reference related Instant Answers are provided by Microsoft Encarta: 'population of Nigeria’ (131,859,730), 'hypothalamus definition’Finance related Instant Answers are provided by MSN Money: ‘msft stock’ (28.44 as of October 17), ‘drbnx’And music...

  3. Search Headlines & Links: October 18, 2006

    MSN. The interesting thing is that it allows users to create their own multi/meta search engine from the 40+ options that they are offered by ResultR. The article says, "The search engine has invited a number of web site owners to take part in...

  4. New Players in Travel Search

    MSN Talks Spam Defenses; Takes Weekends Off From Indexing Farecast has developed the latest travel search engine (similar to Kayak, Mobissimo, Sidestep and Farechase). The display and filtering technology is exactly what you'd expect to see from a...