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  1. 9 Things You Must Update When Moving Your Business Location

    Imagine incorrect address and phone numbers sending potential customers to an empty storefront – that's lost revenue! If the bike shop down the street sent folks waiting for tire repair up to your coffee shop - be sure you let them know you're now...

  2. Facebook - A Love Story: Using Earned & Paid Media to Better Attract & Engage Customers

    Option 1 – Open A Storefront: Say Brandi was to open a storefront in Lexington. Option 2 – Open Shop On Facebook: Setting up a store online gave Lolly Wolly Doodle access to over 700,000 women in the U.S.who were over 21, and had children under the...

  3. PPC Landing Pages: The End of the Line -- Or the Beginning?

    Most sites are not like a storefront with a single entrance. They're accustomed to thinking about their site as analogous to a bricks-and-mortar storefront: one entrance (the home page) through which all customers enter, linked to other pages where...

  4. Where's The ROI?

    They own a brick and mortar storefront and an online shop that sells spices. That being said, keeping the storefront open is dependent upon their street business -- or they'd work in their basement in their PJs all day.