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  1. PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey Finds Digital Divide Between Journalists and Bloggers

    This contrast was even sharper when considering Twitter. Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr On April 1, 2010, PRWeek and PR Newswire issued a press release .that was no joke. It highlighted the key findings of the "2010 PRWeek/PR Newswire...

  2. Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, August 2007

    The Sharper Image Corp. The Sharper Image Corp.analog+clocks tie+rack xbox+360+elite Standard Image Standard Image/Text Link Standard Image/Text Link: Ads that are comprised of many components, typically both image and text beneath the images, all...

  3. Google Kills eBay Affiliate Spam Quickly, Others Survive

    Two other sites in the top listings were affiliates hawking the same product from Sharper Image and directed visitors to the web site. We found that two of the sites are owned by the Sharper Image and the rest are owned by affiliates.