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Shared Hosting

  1. Real Names: Google+, Government & The Identity Ecosystem

    Now, the document tells you that your privacy is preserved, and that is true in that the entities that the information is shared with get limited information, but the holder of the information still holds all your data.

  2. When Top Keywords Suddenly Vanish

    If you're on a shared Web hosting service, one that's likely hosting more than 200 other sites, your likely response rate is two to three seconds. Could the hosting environment have changed? Has the CEO of your company ever freaked out after a few...

  3. Machines In Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of Selectric Sheep? Part 2

    On LinkedIn, Dima (Dan) Itkis, an NPD (new product development) project manager focusing on SaaS (Software as a Service) projects, shared his recommendation for assembling a dream team. In the meantime, Mark shared some international SEO strategies...