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  1. Microsoft CEO: We've Got Siri Beat, Bing vs Google = Draw

    While acknowledging the value of their alliance, Ballmer noted they Microsoft had been “lucky” their bid to buy Yahoo for $44 billion wasn’t accepted just before the market crashed in 2008. Since that last visit, they’ve more than doubled their U.S...

  2. Advanced PPC Optimization Tips for adCenter: Negative Keywords

    For example, here is how negatives would apply in adCenter for the following search queries if you bid on “stock quote” and have the negative keyword “free real time”: While it’s true that Microsoft adCenter doesn’t normally yield as much volume as...

  3. Inside the adCenter Quality Score -- Or Should We Call It Competitive Score?

    Ad Rank on Bing will still be determined by your bid, click-through rate (CTR), and overall keyword relevance to the user search query. The Quality Score is composed of CTR, bid, and overall keyword relevance -- and this score influences your ad...

  4. SearchDay | Get More Attention with Legal PPC Ad Symbols

    Over the past few days I've seen a sudden drop in bid prices. Steals Search Share from Google in January 2009 Posted by Feb 19, 2009 Yahoo! Microsoft stole 0.2% from Tests Rich Media Ads in Paid Search Listings Posted by Feb 19, 2009 Yahoo!