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  1. Yahoo Beats Out Google to Become Mozilla’s Default U.S. Search Engine

    But given that Firefox users alone search the Web more than 100 billion times per year, the partnership is sure to help Yahoo win more search market share in the future. Big changes are coming to Mozilla, as Google will no longer be the global...

  2. Hedge funds ‘cannot be too paranoid' on reputational risk

    Therefore, consider bringing in specialists who can use state-of-the-art investigation techniques to ethically seek out the possible sources of disingenuous information and errant share trading activity.

  3. Smart beta indexes gain currency with Asian investors

    While banks are firmly aiming to capture smart beta market share, index providers and asset managers are also big players in this area. It isn't an overstatement to say that the universe of indexes has exploded in recent years with many more of...

  4. Stop! Before You Fire Anyone, Try These Proven Tips for Handling Difficult SEO Clients

    In this communication, be sure you share with them a potential solution and your next steps on how you’re going to fix the problem. When talking about a particular strategy, share examples of how something similar has worked for you in the past...

  5. JPX has 'no plans' to list Nikkei 400 futures overseas

    CME has increased its share of the Nikkei equity derivative markets from 6% to 10% in the year to date, an increase which has come at the expense of SGX with the Japan exchange maintaining a 68% chunk of the market, according to OSE figures.

  6. Risk premium strategies favoured over beta commodity indexes

    While there is an Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) meeting scheduled at the end of November to discuss whether there will be supply cuts in order to boost prices, there have been indications that the main producers – such...

  7. "Europeans are the problem" in CCP oversight standoff

    Clearing house operators also weighed in during a panel discussion on the recent calls from both central banks and clearing members that CCPs should put more of their own capital into the default fund to share in the risk of a futures commission...