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  1. Asia Risk Congress 2014 – photogallery

    The final panel of the day featured a conversation looking at a development that marries both policy and fundamentals: the Hong Kong-Shanghai stock connect. Free-to-view photographs from the Asia Risk Congress 2014

  2. Ossiam rewarded for innovation in strategies

    In April, the company demonstrated its global ambitions by linking with Shanghai-based China Securities Index Company (CSI), the largest Chinese index provider. Ossiam wins ETF provider award Specialist exchange-traded funds (ETF) provider Ossiam...

  3. Hong Kong warrant market players bullish about 2015

    After a period of low volatility and a sustained pattern of banks exiting the Hong Kong warrants market, dealers are bullish that 2015 could see issuance increase by as much as 50% driven by increased liquidity after the launch of the Hong Kong...

  4. Shanghai launches renminbi derivatives clearing

    Shanghai Clearing House (SCH) will finally launch its voluntary clearing service for renminbi foreign exchange forwards and swaps on November 3 but so far just three smaller foreign banks have committed to the service.

  5. Shanghai RMB crude contract faces margin and legal hurdles

    According to the source close to the contract design, the Shanghai International Energy Exchange is looking at introducing a margin offset regime for its own products. The contract will be traded on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange, which...

  6. Global Search Marketing Numbers Are Shocking, Wake up America!

    When that figure is beaten by China, we'll be living in a very different world where Shanghai is the new New York. It was time for me to brush up on my statistics and remind myself of the key numbers of international search -- and even I was shocked.

  7. Container swap derivative clearing to boost market

    The cost of shipping a container from Asia to Europe soared from $400 per twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) units in March 2009 to $2,100 per TEU in March 2010, according to CSL data.On the back of this increased volatility, large-scale companies that...

  8. Asian traders lukewarm to renminbi despite US dollar-depeg

    On Tuesday the central bank announced the expansion of the renminbi trade settlement pilot scheme to now allow all countries globally to settle their trades in renminbi, with eligible companies in 20 provinces of China (up from just Shanghai and...

  9. Sponsored webinar: Strengthening the defences

    Sheppard’s previous experience includes developing commercial-grade counterterrorist finance programmes alongside the Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Command, managing an online information and listings business in Shanghai, as well as...