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Sexually Explicit Material

  1. Twitter’s Vine Updates Rules on Explicit Sexual Content

    Twitter produced a support article to lay out what explicit material includes: various depictions of sex acts (human or animated), nudity that is sexually provocative or in a sexual context, and graphic depictions of sexual arousal.

  2. Porn Comes to Google Glass, is Quickly Banned

    Sexually Explicit Material: We don't allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Adult App Store Mikandi released the first pornographic app for Google Glass on Monday and it was promptly banned...

  3. Full Text Reports from the Congressional Research Service on Internet Privacy, Net Technology, and Protecting Children from "Unsuitable Material"

    Constitutionality of Requiring Sexually Explicit Material on the Internet to be Under a Separate Domain Name Federal legislation (and related issues) dealing with Internet privacy, Internet technology, and the protection of children from...

  4. SafeSearch Doesn't Work On Google Print & Can Full Book Preview Prevention Be Hacked?

    With SafeSearch in strict mode, you aren't supposed to be able to find pages that contain sexually explicit material or terms. Combined with screenshots (you can make these of Google Print material), technically, you could print out a book.